Cyclocross or CX was born in northern Europe in the early 1900s, where road racers found creative ways of staying in shape through winter.  They would race each other across the wet and frozen fields and lane from one town to the next. There were no real rules, only that the first rider to arrive was the winner.

What we know as CX today was commonly called Steeple Chase as the church steeple in the next town was the only visible landmark to guide them towards victory.  We pay homage to these origins in our brand, while bringing a modern CX flavour to the sport.

Riding off-road in difficult conditions increased the intensity of training, improved bike handling skills. With no real course, riders often negotiated obstacles and took on enforced runs, to drive warm blood to frozen fingers and toes. The racing was short, intense, fun and delivered quality cross-fitness training.

Today CX is a UCI racing class culminating in crowning world champions annually.  Across the world CX event series are a major feature in the winter cycling calendar and attract large numbers of riders to racing fields across multiple skill and fitness levels.  Steeple CX is now bringing this to your cycling community.